Osceola Turkey Hunting

Hunting Osceola turkeys is a great way to kick off the spring and enjoy some of the best weather of the year in South Florida. In the mornings, Osceola turkeys can be very vocal and eager to gobble on the roost but have a tendency to be quiet and stealthy once on the ground as there are many predators in the Everglades looking for a turkey dinner. Osceola turkeys spend most of their days moving through the swamps, cypress heads, oak hammocks, pine woods, pastures, and agricultural fields looking for hens to breed and toms and jakes to establish dominance with. They can come running to calls and decoys or shy away from them depending on their attitude. All in all, hunting Osceolas is something that every outdoorsman should experience. There is nothing like that feeling of your heart pounding in your throat when that Osceola turkey is coming to you strutting and gobbling.

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Spring Turkey Season

We hunt both the South and Central Florida zones (Zones A and C). The South zone season typically starts with youth season on the last weekend in February with general season beginning the first weekend in March and going through the first weekend in April. The Central zone season typically begining with youth season the third weekend in March through the third weekend in April. Current Florida spring turkey season dates and regulations can be found here.


Find out which licenses and permits are required and purchase them here.

What To Bring

  • Shotgun, Bow, or Crossbow (we can supply a shotgun if you do not have one)

  • Camouflage Clothing (3d leafy jacket preferred)

  • Waterproof Boots

  • Hat

  • Sunglasses

  • Hearing Protection

  • Turkey Vest or Backpack with cushion

  • Turkey Calls

  • Thermacell

  • Headlamp